SEO tips for small business

Get a plan together

With a few improvements, and using our SEO tips you could improve the website for your small business.


Tackling the global network we call the world wide web is a complex marketing goal.

Improving your search engine performance relies on a few key metrics.

Use tools like Google Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Site Kit, and Yoast.  Gather your keywords and focus on the message you want to send to your customers.

Some of the metrics you want are visitors to your site, where they came from, and how they found you.

Before you go out and conquer the world with your website you should make sure all maintenance is up to date.  Then work on the URLs for your pages, the names of the images on your website and what you actually say.  Analyzing what you say and how it rates is called “readability analysis.” 

readability analysis

Gather the data

If you do not ever gather the data for your SEO campaign then you will never really know if it is working. And you are missing out on valuable insight that can help you improve your SEO score.

Implement change

Unless you are already doing stellar on Google then you probably do not need to be reading this.  If  you need improvements then get ready to implement change. 

SEO tips for small business are especially useful if you are trying to do this on your own or do not have a dedicated SEO agency.  But you must keep track of details to measure performance.

Watch the results

One of the most challenging parts of an SEO strategy for small business is that it may be challenging to do analysis on the data.  This takes someone who is detail oriented and understands your business.

Do it again

Improving the SEO for your small business website is not a set it and forget endeavor.  Plan on repeating the SEO tips at least a few times in the beginning.  Doing it regularly is even better.  And isn’t that what we want- even better.   Make informed decisions and contact us.  It takes effort to improve website performance, but we got you covered.  

Remember, repeat the strategy for improved performance and better SEO for your small business.