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Microsoft has raised pricing and changed the name on Office

Direct link to Microsoft 365 Pricing: Microsoft Office 365 pricing New pricing announcement for Microsoft 365 from Microsoft Blog: Microsoft New Pricing for Microsoft 365August 19, 2021 Today we are announcing changes to our commercial pricing for Microsoft 365–(Credit/quote:  Microsoft Corporation) Microsoft Office name change announcement article by COMPUTERWORLD: Office […]

UniFi Dream Machine vs Dream Machine Pro

Trying to choose between UDM vs UDM Pro? Trying to choose between a UDM vs UDM Pro? UDM Pro does not have WiFi built in UDM Pro has advanced traffic stats UDM UDM Pro? The difference in power and traffic stats is significant.  The UDM Pro offers much more.

Messaging Bug

It’s about trust About offthegridit Security: We research security exploits and educate users on these and privacy issues.  We are independent consultants for users on Apple and Google technology including Android, iCloud, iOS, app store, Google Play, security, and privacy settings.  We are not affilliated with Google or Apple, but […]

Security Focus - The Hacker Way Is Not a Street

Microsoft Office 365 Tenant To Tenant Migration: What you need to know

Here is some advice for small businesses using Microsoft Office 365 and purchased through a third party. Did you start your Office 365 through GoDaddy, Intermedia, Bluehost or another E-Mail or hosting provider? Have you tried leaving?, aahhh..ha.. not so easy is it? In this video it will help us […]

What is Microsoft Remote Desktop

We use Remote Desktop to connect and use Windows PCs everywhere. Remote Desktop is built in to all Windows computers. That means you can use it to connect to any other computer that has Remote Desktop enabled, see Allow access to your PC. This can be useful to connect to […]

Microsoft Remote Desktop

NextDNS vs Pi-hole

The battle between DNS servers is heating up. The average user might not appreciate why DNS is important so, let’s review. DNS is what converts the IP addresses on the web into readable text like google.com. Cloudflare calls DNS the phonebook of the Internet in their article titled “What is […]