Remote Support

Remote Support

Let’s get started.

For live support call # 408-475-DATA

For live support call # 408-475-3282

One of our engineers will answer the call and guide you through getting us connected


  • We do not use Teamviewer


  • We will give you the location of our support server so that we can get connected
  • Same day service
  • Expert advice
  • We can repair your computer or network remotely
  • We use the latest technologies to connect securely to you 
  • We do not post the details of our tools here so we can avoid helping the bad guys

Let your technician know your desired support:

On Demand Session

Remote Access Service

Launch the On Demand Remote Support application to initiate a one-time session with a technician.

Install the Remote Access Service to continuously make this machine accessible to technicians.

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