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Afsar AliAfsar Ali
04:57 27 Feb 24
Lots of words but no actual actions or fix!We hired Michael for the installation of an LTS NVR system, but our experience was disappointing. Despite assurances of quick and efficient service, Michael arrived three hours late and struggled to make any progress with our 16-camera setup over two hours. When confronted with the lack of results, his reaction was unprofessional and hostile.Michael invoiced us for four hours of work despite not completing any part of the installation successfully. We believe that payment should reflect the fulfillment of the agreed-upon services, a standard not met in this case. Be careful as you might want to consider our experience as a measure of Michael's reliability and professionalism._______After posting my review this owner came after me over emails and text. Started to threat me and made me and our community unsafe. I reported him to the Richmond police department case # T24000528.
Maggie TurnerMaggie Turner
19:30 12 Feb 24
Michael at Offthegridit...I can't say enough. So helpful and tenacious. Delivers on his promises, knows his stuff, professional, he comes to you: glad I found him!!!
Robert GonzalezRobert Gonzalez
16:09 27 Oct 23
offthegridit helped me with a network problem remotely, it was fast and easy. I found out they could help me with my website and sure enough they fixed some issues with my host and Wordpress issues.
Jamika BonnerJamika Bonner
23:24 31 Jan 23
Great consultant he helped my man out alot helpful and resourceful
Seven PoundsSeven Pounds
05:22 31 Dec 22
Michael...What a blessin.... When I thought I was Down-and-out You help me when I had no One I really appreciate you much love and respect!!!!
Téa JiangTéa Jiang
00:44 31 Aug 22
Michael was very helpful with our project; highly recommend his services!
Tom McIntyreTom McIntyre
06:19 23 Jan 22
Michael is knowledgeable, methodical, and thorough. (Also patient with questions and explanations)He has saved us with our mixed Ubiquiti/Unifi network.Billing is transparent and reasonable.Communication is greatHighly reccomended
Travis MurchTravis Murch
23:33 27 May 20
Knowledgeable, friendly, responsive, hassle free. Michael saved my day on short notice and got one of our locations up and running again. Didn't even scoff at our shoddy network closet. In fact we will be working with Michael to upgrade our network in that location.Highly recommended. I look forward to future business with Michael and OffthegridIT
Laurie TinkerLaurie Tinker
22:37 20 Apr 20
We have been working With offthegridit for about a year now. Michael has been wonderful. We are a small business and when our system falters, so do we. Michael has been extremely responsive to our needs. When we call him he tries to help us immediately. He can trouble shoot from his office which saves time and money. I would highly recommend offthegridit whether you are a business or have personal needs. My mother was having problems with her computer, we called Michael, and he fixed it from his home! You won't be disappointed, give them a call!
Sundown HazenSundown Hazen
18:05 19 Apr 20
Michael and offthegrid3D are creative and able to respond quickly with creative marketing and helpful accessories. We have enjoyed working with Michael to create reusable packaging for our subscription service.
Eric RiveraEric Rivera
20:47 17 Apr 20
Offthegridit is awesome. Michael is very professional always attentive and easy to with. He is always there when we need him. I highly recommend offthegridit for all your I.T needs. Thank you, Michael and offthrgridit.Country Inn .
George JimenezGeorge Jimenez
21:48 18 Mar 17
I called offthegridit when my server went down. They were able to recover my data and rebuild my point of sale & accounting system even though I did not have a backup. I would highly recommend them.
Maggie S.
Maggie S.
Michael Bolanos, saved me!!! His level of knowledge is amazing, but his tenacity is something else. He is dedicated and delivers on his promises. The best part for me was he understood that I am NOT tech savvy and needed a plug and play type set up....and that is exactly what I got. I would not hesitate to reach out to him again, he is so worth it. I can't say enough. Thanks Michael.
Bruce T.
Bruce T.
Michael Balonos, the founder of offthegridit, is a true master when it comes to network expertise. As a tenured professor in higher education and a business owner in Silicon Valley deeply entrenched in media production, having a flawless network infrastructure is paramount. Michael not only comprehends the ins and outs of networking but brings an unparalleled level of experience, skill, dedication, and honesty to the table. His work ethic is impeccable, and we trust him implicitly. When you want your network to "just work," Michael always gets it done.
Tom M.
Tom M.
Michael is knowledgeable, methodical, and thorough. (Also patient with questions and explanations) He has saved us with our mixed Ubiquiti/Unifi network. Billing is transparent and reasonable. Communication is great
Ron G.
Ron G.
Michael and the crew at OffTheGridIT are great. Super helpful and very good at what they do. I recently had my computer go down as the result of a virus. Michael was able to track it down, eliminate it and then reboot my entire system with new software that makes my computer that much better. I would highly recommend OffTheGridIT to you all!
Ethan A.
Ethan A.
After unsuccessfully working on a DNS configuration problem on my own and then getting help from another IT professional, I contacted Offthegridit. Michael methodically solved the problem, which involved making changes on several platforms. Throughout the process he explained what he was doing. He was not only interested in solving the problem, he was interested in broadening his knowledge. Although we were trying to solve a specific problem, he also had some helpful suggestions regarding long term strategy. Afterward, he sent me some tips on the problem to help me to become better at troubleshooting. From the time I first contacted Michael to the point when the problem was solved, was only a few hours. I would highly recommend Offthegridit.
Laurie T.
Laurie T.
Offthegridit is a wonderful company to do business with. Michael is responsive, a great problem solver, creative and a tech wiz. Our company is small, yet technology is key to our success. When we have an IT issue, it immediately affects our business in a negative way. A call to Michael always yields positive results. Whether you have a business or a computer need at home, Michael is your answer. You won't be disappointed with his service, so give him a call and watch your IT issues resolved quickly!
Eric R.
Eric R.
I would highly recommend offthegridit. Michael is the best. Very professional, courteous and easy to work with. We have used Michael for all our I.T work and security issues and he has not disappointed us at all. If you don't want to worry about computer issues offthegridit is your place. Thank you offthegridit and Michael for keeping us connect at all times.
Pat S.
Pat S.
My business has been lucky to find Mike and he has always come through whenever we needed urgent repairs, upgrading, or just general help. We have used his services for over 10 years and will continue to do so. He knows what he is doing, always has suggestions that make sense, and his prices are fair. I highly recommend Off the gridit
Sundown H.
Sundown H.
I worked with Micheal for over a decade. During that time I learned a tremendous amount about networking protocols and wiring networks. It is still a fraction of what Michael knows on the subject. Anytime I have questions about my network, I still discuss with him to solve my issues. Most of all, Micheal has a broad knowledge base in technology. He constantly researches and experiments with cutting edge technology. This includes: robotics, AI, networking, programming, consumer technology, blockchain, smart homes. And with all that knowledge, Micheal still finds a way to explain it to people in a way that makes sense and is approachable. If you have questions about new technology, or your current technology, give Michael a call!
Chris B.
Chris B.
I am a contract software developer that prefers Linux. However, I often works at client sites where I am required to use a company-issued Windows or MacOS-based laptop. To be able to use the development tools that I have configured for max productivity I will typically launch a 'guest instance' of Linux via Virtual Machine platforms like VMware, VirtualBox or Parallels. On a recent contract I was issued a Mac and I faced many annoying issues getting my environment right with Parallels, and then VirtualBox. I spoke with Michael at offthegridit and he guided me toward using VMware (which heretofore I had only used on Windows hosts), and all the screen resolution and copy/paste issues I was facing just went a way. I would definitely turn to Michael and his company again if I were facing tricky virtual machine or Linux issues.

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