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Talking Tech

The Talking Tech blog is about technology and people at the intersection of life. 

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Michael Bolanos is the curator of Talking Tech and brings us over 30 years in the Computer and Electronics industry with a focus on Silicon Valley technology.

The world we live in is changing, and we must adapt.  Here is our perspective on technology and how it affects us.

Explore our experience working with business professionals, startups, and makers in Silicon Valley.  The depth of our experience is from consulting with seasoned decision makers.

We are empowered to see and try the latest technology in Silicon Valley.  We install, configure, fix, and make technology play well.  We strive to provide impartial reviews to allow you to make informed decisions.

Consider that the Cloud brings us greater opportunities to share information.  Here we will take a different approach to disseminating information on cloud, mobile, people, web and business applications.