Organic traffic insights

We really love the way “organic traffic insights” sounds.  Ok, we get really geeky over here but the fact is we find some really weird and interesting things in organic traffic statistics.

Organic traffic to your website can be something of great interest.  You can find out how people find you on the Internet and that would be insight into your organic traffic.  

But what matters is what you do with this knowledge.

  • Organic traffic is the best
  • Direct traffic is direct to you (usualy because someone already knows about you)
  • Referral traffic (e.g. Instagram, Facebook) is also good for SEO
  • Paid traffic can be worth the cost if done right

We did a Google search for “organic traffic” and the top hit was some random company we had never heard of (  But they came out at the top of the search for whatever reason and they got me to click on their website.  Our traffic to this website was organic traffic, it was not caused by an ad, it was not a referral.

Basically, this website has excellent SEO and has a great article describing organic traffic. But, their goal is to sell you their software.

Information is valuable

The point is, whatever they did to get to the top of Google searches worked.  They fueled people to their website by offering information.

While this information is of interest to a broad user base, their software appeals to a narrower focus.  By casting this huge net with such a broad offering of information they are more likely to catch the fish they really wanted.

Knowledge is power

Knowing where your traffic came from is just as important as having it come organically.  Most users depend on Google Analytics and their other tools like the Google Search Console, Google My Business, and Webmaster Tools.  Using the analytics to make decisions is the key to making progress with your SEO over time.

With any good SEO campaign you need good reporting.  Someone needs to analyze these analytics and making them presentable to the decision makers.

small fish SEO

Form an SEO strategy

Form an SEO strategy using a valuable part of your business as a tool.

That tool could be information such as industry insight.  Offer free information to garner more organic traffic.

Let us say you are a cabinet maker (but in a niche market), maybe you could write about wood working.  If you are a termite inspector maybe you could write about pests. 

These are just some examples of offering information for free casting a broad net in hopes of catching that big fish.


Know where they came from

Finally, using organic traffic insights means using the data you have collected to further your campaign.  You have to gather information from the Internet to make informed decisions.  Then you can leverage that specialized knowledge that only you or company has.