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Talking Tech

What is Microsoft Remote Desktop

We use Remote Desktop to connect and use Windows PCs everywhere. Remote Desktop is built in to all Windows computers. That means you can use it to connect to any other computer that has Remote Desktop...

Why switch from Google Workspace to Office 365 for beginners

The Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365 migration is a common occurrence.  It is interesting to note we have never moved anyone back to Google.   What’s the difference? Microsoft combines...

NextDNS vs Pi-hole

The battle between DNS servers is heating up. The average user might not appreciate why DNS is important so, let’s review. DNS is what converts the IP addresses on the web into readable text...

ManageMyWP keeps your website running

ManageMyWP by offthegridit keeps your website up and online!...

Organic traffic insights

We love the way organic traffic insights sounds...

SEO tips for small business

Use our tips for better SEO performance. offthegridit provides SEO tips for small business, try us we are experts at analytics...

Our experience comes from working with businesses, individuals, startups, and maker.  Mostly in Silicon Valley but in many other parts of the United States as well.  

See and learn technology trends in Silicon Valley. 

Access to data and technology in the Cloud brings new opportunities to share information. 

Technology is constantly evolving, and its impact on our lives is undeniable.  Join us as we navigate the ever-changing landscape, empowering you to embrace and make the most of the digital revolution.

Michael Bolanos is the curator of Talking Tech and brings us over 35 years in the Computer and Electronics industry

Talking Tech
The world we live in is changing, and we must adapt.  In this century human brains are not wired for this rapid digital transformation that is taking place.  Here is our perspective on technology, how it affects us, and what we can do about it.