The next evolution of AI is here

Mainstream AI is here

You will harness artificial intelligence soon.  The democratization of AI is here in 2023 and will impact society in profound ways.  For good or for bad the impacts will be seen, heard, and felt soon.  We may have not seen a rate of adoption of any technology spread as fast as this iteration will be.

ChatGPT & DALL·E 2

There are things coming down the pipeline on the artificial intelligence front that are just going to make your hair stand on end within the next year because there is so much transformation going on in that domain.

Conversational AI and AI Generated Art

There are a few disciplines in AI that have recently gone viral such as ChatGPT and DALL·E 2.  We now have Conversational AI and AI Generated Art in the mainstream.  These technologies are already revolutionizing the way some things are done including search, healthcare, education, marketing, advancing security weaknesses, and more.

The people that harness these new technologies will be catapult with new advantages and the competition will be working to keep up.  Business leaders need to think outside the box in the context of these new technologies.

The experts have been saying for years that those with creative minds will have an advantage in business.  Now is the time to start thinking of new ideas, new tools, and news ways to apply them to your strategic business advantage.

Humanity versus AI by Michael Bolanos

The three monkeys in the story behind the famous proverb are Mizaru, Kikazaru, and Iwazaru. In Japanese culture, these monkeys are often called the Three Wise Monkeys or the Three Mystic Apes. The three monkeys, originating from this Buddhist story. They teach the importance of having good thoughts, speaking kindly, and doing good deeds.

The monkeys in this artwork are symbolic of the idea that we should refrain from using artificial intelligence for personal gain at the expense of others.  It employs the “synthwave digital art” style using tools for AI image Generation.

The artist wishes to raise an awareness of the coming evolution, the coming revolution in AI that should be treated with humanity in mind. Consider that the power that each iteration of AI brings us will only compound the challenges exponentially.

The good and the bad

Just like any other tool, AI can propel us into good.  Educators and lawmakers need to take heed of the challenges ahead with regulation.  Innovators will embrace and advance this.  Creatives will reach new unfathomable heights.  

When the bad comes it may take some by surprise.  What can we do to avoid the pitfalls of evil AI?  Except stay steadfast and true to the good.  Humanity will eventually develop new tools to protect us from evil AI, but in the meantime there is awareness, and that along with the good comes the bad.

What can we look forward to

We are looking forward to seeing new tools using these AI technologies.  Will it make life easier?  Will we have new break throughs in healthcare or medicine?  Will viruses and malware become more viscous and effective at compromising systems.  

Wil humanity find a new age of enlightenment?  What kind of problems can this AI solve?  Those are the questions we look forward to getting answers.

Regardless of the answers, this reminds us of when the web browser came out in the early 1990s.  We were early adopters of the web browser.  We were very excited to use the web and share our excitement with people.  This era is very much the same, except now we have a lot more people listening.  Now that this AI has come front and center the web will never be the same.  Only this time this technology will spread like wildfire.

What's next?