WPEngine is the best host for WordPress sites in 2019

We have tried just about all the reputable web hosts out there. If you are running a WordPress website in 2019 and beyond you should consider WPEngine. Sign up for  WP Engine Time and time again we have transferred sophisticated WordPress sites to WPEngine for our clients in less than one […]

WPEngine for Wordpress Websites at offthegridit

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How To Build a Custom Video Surveillance System

When it comes to Video Cameras for Surveillance you have many options.  In this series of postings we will discuss Camera Systems in more detail.  These days we try and classify cameras into 3 different types of systems: Traditional CCTV Video Surveillance System Cloud Video Surveillance System Hybrid Video Surveillance […]

Why everyone is switching to WordPress

Have you noticed how many websites have switched to WordPress?  In January of 2015 Entrepreneur Magazine was even recommending WordPress in 25 Reasons your Business Should Switch to WordPress. Let’s backtrack a little bit, if you are still using just a plain html site then it’s time to get hip […]

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