Why everyone is switching to WordPress

Have you noticed how many websites have switched to WordPress?  In January of 2015 Entrepreneur Magazine was even recommending WordPress in 25 Reasons your Business Should Switch to WordPress.

Let’s backtrack a little bit, if you are still using just a plain html site then it’s time to get hip to WordPress.  I’m not talking about WordPress.com, I’m talking about actually having a WordPress website installed with your own hosting provider (or Amazon AWS, MS Azure, etc…)

I took the leap years ago, and I we have switched many website owners over to WordPress.  But I find that even some of the Website owners are not really taking advantage of one of the most important features.

Do it Yourself

The point of using WordPress for many was so that you could update your website more often and more easily without having to use tools like Dreamweaver or your favorite HTML editor.  For many business owners the thought of using an HTML editor was a dreaded thought.


The world we live in today has more DIY resources than every.  And I am constantly encouraging Small Business Owners to improve their SEO simply by editing their content more often, adding unique and relevant content, and make an overall attempt at being Google Search friendly.

WordPress features are enough to entice people who are frustrated that updates do not get done quick enough on their sites.

  • Easy to update from anywhere, no editor required since it is built in
  • Plugins provide a wide range of functionality with ease (SEO, backups, themes,)
  • User accounts allow you to have more than one editor
  • Media Library simplifies managing images for your website
  • Automatic tagging for SEO
  • Build your site without writing code