Website management has many details

Building a website with WordPress offers a plethora of options, features, settings, maintenance, and more.  We offer website maintenance plans to fit within your budget.

This does not seem to be discouraging the masses  as WordPress has reached the level of being on over 60% of all websites in the world.  The trend is to ignore maintenance and websites keep getting hacked or fall apart.

It can be overwhelming to stay on top of all that.  That is why we have a comprehensive care package call Web Care Pro.  Web Care Pro is meant to take the hassles out of having a website.

Here are some of the benefits of Web Care Pro:

  • Scheduled checks for settings and maintenance for your website
  • The appearance and speed of your site is scrutinized by our engineers to make improvements
  • Security and malware checks are performed regularly
  • SEO is on the top of our list and we can provide valuable insight on your status and your competitors
  • We care about your business and will *advise and make changes on your behalf






Let us handle the details of your website

Trying to keep up with all the changes to your website can seem like a full time job.  Let offthegridit take care of everything for you.  We can handle all the little details and believe us there are many.

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Call or E-Mail us now to get started.  We have technicians working around the clock to make your website better and stay secure.

Fore more information on some of our favorite plugins check out the Talking Tech Archives.

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