Microsoft Office 365 Tenant To Tenant Migration: What you need to know

Here is some advice for small businesses using Microsoft Office 365 and purchased through a third party.

Did you start your Office 365 through GoDaddy, Intermedia, Bluehost or another E-Mail or hosting provider?

Have you tried leaving?, aahhh..ha.. not so easy is it?

In this video it will help us to define the problem.

Here is a video that starts this conversation out appropriately.

Pro Tip:

There is no reason to be a co-tenant for your own domain.  

That is like:  (metaphorically speaking)  you buy a house in a city called Microsoft,  but you are not the true owner, you are a tenant of the real owner (GoDaddy, Intermedia, Bluehost, your MSP, etc…)    Why do this, unless your tenant is going to clean up after you?  Guess what?, They are not going to clean up after you for free.

If you like the support your E-Mail provider is giving you and they handle everything that may be the only reason to stay as a co-tenant.  Otherwise the drawback is:

  • You do not get the full Microsoft Office 365 Admin experience

Stop being a tenant for GoDaddy, Intermedia, or Bluehost

There is no reason to use them when you can go direct with Microsoft.

When you have lots of data in E-Mail, Teams, OneDrive, or Sharepoint it may not be as simple to migrate.  This is where this story continues.  But first, this is the conversation starter.  It takes time and planning to migrate.