Tech Tips #7 – 2017

My Tech Tips for 2017 are for the average person. From novices to the Tech savvy, my tips will hopefully make you a bit more hip with the Techies this year.

Out with the Old, In with the New
Many of my best clients claim to know very little about technology, they still claim to hate technology. They are the ones that are too busy handling business (the shot callers) and have no time for learning about tech, or they just plain don’t like computers…

Flash forward to 2017 (or reverse if you are reading this in the future.)  Now we are forced to have e-mail, our schedule, & our security in the palm of our hands (soon the future puts this in our eyewear.)  First there was Virtual Reality (VR), now there is Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology.   These 3 technologies alone are enough to fry anyone’s brain, but they are destined to become ubiquitous in our lives.

First tip, commit yourself to practicing  a new technology – Dedicate some time to learning a new technology that appeals to you so that you are not blindsided when you least expect it.  You may find that your creativity will allow you to use new tools in ways you never imagined before.

Learn some new buzzwords
If you want to be hip with the Tech Culture learn some new buzzwords:

  • Artificial Intelligence – This term is applied when a machine mimics cognitive human functions
  • Machine Learning – Computers crunching code that learns from its accomplishments

Forbes Magazine wrote about this in December of 2016 – What Is The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning?

  • Computer Vision – an example of how Machine Learning has advanced our modern lives.  Computer Vision is what is fueling the Autonomous Car industry, AR/VR & MR technologies.  Computer Vision takes images and uses them to make decisions.

    Deep Learning

    Deep Learning

  • Machine Learning & Security
    is what allows your mobile phone and communications to be indexed and scanned.  You should be aware of how this affects you and what you can do to respond and protect yourself.  The habits you build today will last well into tomorrow, so it’s important that you practice Security Best Practices all the time.

Learn some new Apps:

  • Google Apps for Business – Online e-mail, Word Processor, spreadsheet, calendar, notes,…
  • Microsoft Office 365 – Online e-mail, word processor, spreadsheet, calendar, notes,…

Other Apps:

  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

New School vs Old School Technology
I’m old school, so I can still appreciate face to face meetings.  I don’t use the “Other Apps,” and I do not recommend them, but I mention them here because these are probably some you can avoid.  Ok, so I decided to write more on this based on feedback from some Milennials.  It seems the younger generation might disagree with my viewpoint on the adaptation (or non-adaptation rather) of the Other Apps.  As a mature and experienced writer I choose to keep an open mind about differing view points.  But, I still don’t get it.  I suppose when you look at the Social Networking aspect of it, it might make sense.

But, in today’s world, that’s 2017 for you Milennials- Business ain’t buying it, so let’s move on.  This could change in the future especially with Snapchat’s IPO (Fears and Cheers for Snapchat’s IPO) now they have a hug war chest to work with so you might see the business world take them seriously.  I say if you are focused on business you have better Apps to focus on at this time.

Anyhow, this is still an era where we can use tried and tested legacy apps like meeting in person, picking up the phone and making a call instead of a text.  But, then there’s Video Calling which kind of blurs the line.  For some, now we have to be prepared, we have to look the part.  Maybe when we get shy on a Video Call we forget that we are still protected by our computer screens, and its still not the same as meeting in person.  So, let me digress, keeping it old school is cool, but there comes a time when you have to move forward and learn something new, this will not stop so get used to it.


are using new tools to communicate, those tools contradict the old school face to face methods some still hold dearly.  They are adapting to technology faster than the previous generation and (according to Moore’s Law) this learning curve will increase the rate of learning for future generations even more.  So we must adapt, we must find new way of managing Tech, or perish into an obsolete fate.

I believe there is a saying that to embrace the future we must let go of the past.  The older generations of people have to balance between keeping it old school and finding out how to use the latest communication tools.  Life evolves and we must accept that at some point our method for communicating as humans changes.  Take apps for example, we are not using the same apps to communicate that we did 5 years ago.  Some of the old tools remain, but we keep adding new ones and replacing some of the old.

So, let’s KISS (Keep It Simple)
The best way to handle this is to keep it simple.  Choose the Apps that are important to you, then try one or two apps at a time to find out if you will add them to your Master List.  Keep your Master List short and life will be simple.  Keep your Master List long and along with that your life will be more complicated.

  • Keep a Short List of Apps
  • Focus on only a few new Apps until you fund them useful and Secure
  • Choose Apps that are important to your goals

Relax your Tech

Relax your Tech

And finally, get some rest from it all.  Put your mobile phone down.  Put away the iPhone.  Turn off your Android.  Be true to Yourself and your Loved ones… go talk to some Humans, your Dog, Cat, or Plants. We can find harmony with the fact that as Life evolves, our Tech evolves, but the things we keep true to ourselves will remain the same.

Social Media Side Note

Just one thing I like about this Creative Animator (Christoph Niemann) (Youtube Link)

Christoph Niemann: How to Overcome the 3 Fears Every Creative Faces (Youtube Link)

Listen, I’m open minded… your thoughts?