Microsoft has raised pricing and changed the name on Office

Direct link to Microsoft 365 Pricing:

New pricing announcement for Microsoft 365 from Microsoft Blog:

Today we are announcing changes to our commercial pricing for Microsoft 365–
(Credit/quote:  Microsoft Corporation)

Microsoft Office name change announcement article by COMPUTERWORLD:

Office to be rebranded Microsoft 365
Microsoft announced today it’s renaming Office ‘Microsoft 365,’ which will affect the names of, the Office mobile app, and the Office app for Windows. The company is also adding new types of content creation methods and templates.

Why tell us now?

The pricing we see has been noted directly on Microsoft’s website and on resellers such as GoDaddy, Intermedia, and others.

We are sharing this now due to recent changes we have noted.  The official price changes can be referenced with the Microsoft link above.

What do these changes mean?

  • Your bill with Microsoft will go up

  • No more Basic E-Mail with Outlook included at $5 to $6/mo

  • Basically a business user needs to pick the $12.50 /month plan (or higher) which many of you do now

  • Home users are not impacted by this

IMPORTANT: Regarding Online Archiving

  • But wait, remember if you need Online Archiving of your E-Mail it will be $22/month

Which Plan should I get?

  • Choosing a plan is not always so simple, there are many levels including Microsoft Enterprise licensing such as E3, E5, etc…

  • We recommend letting us choose for you

What else?

  • If you are still with GoDaddy or Intermedia you are paying too much

  • If these businesses are able to serve your needs then the extra price may be worth it to you.  But, we say go direct to Microsoft.

  • Our Microsoft Partner ID can be provided to help you with your Microsoft account (please inquire)