Comcast Offers Prepaid Internet

When I first heard about Comcast’s pricing going up I decided to do some research. What I found was surprising, Comcast is introducing a lot of new stuff in addition to raising their prices.

Their offer looks to be about $45 a month. Something interesting to note is that you have to purchase their $35 “REFURBISHED WIFI MODEM” which they also put in capital letters on their prepaid internet website. “Taxes and fees extra.” Of course.

Details about Comcast’s new Xfinity Prepaid Internet can be found here:

Teaching an old dog new tricks

It looks like Comcast found a way to get rid of all their old modems, make money, and get new customers all at the same time, genius.

Their old modems will never get you Gig speeds, but if they are just giving you 20Mbps then you should be fine with these modems.

Comcast Xfinity Prepaid Internet Pricing & Other Info

As always, to be safe make sure you check out Comcast’s website for the latest Pricing & Other Info. It looks like they are also going to be offering Prepaid Instant TV as well which sounds handy. If this is the case you could get your Internet and TV quasi off the grid, this might appeal to many cordcutters, off the grid’ers, and nomads. I am certain there may be some business use cases there as well.

Final Thoughts

If you need Internet and you do not want a contract this may be the way to go. The measly 20Mbps that is offered with this Xfinity package could get the job done for some single users setups, users just checking e-mail and basic web surfing, and maybe some IoT use cases. I wonder how many people will end up with an old modem I configured back in the day.