Use Lastpass + Yubikey To Raise Your Security Posture

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We originally started this post to tell people about Security Keys, but it also added a bit of Password Manager to the article. We have updated it to include more information on the password manager. The password manager has always been at the center of this blog posting. We want to get people familiar with password managers and to get people to use them. Here is more information on LastPass:

LastPass is not the only good password managers but it is one of our favorites.

But besides passwords, you need something to guard your password vault. That is where two-factor (2FA), and multifactor come to play. You need to guard your password manager with an extra level of security. Just when you thought it was good enough to just have a strong password along comes Two-Factor and Multi-Factor Authentication.

What does this mean for my passwords, how does it work?

  • Get a password manager
  • Get a two-factor app and combine it with your password manager
  • Feel safer and more organized with your passwords

This is what the LastPass password manager looks like in a browser like Chrome

What we offer

We have crafted Multi-factor solutions for small businesses, individuals, and enterprises. If you need help to put this altogether with an introduction to (2FA) give us a call.

Here is a nice explanation from Okta on “Two-Factor Authentication vs. Multi-Factor Authentication: What Are the Risks?”

If you are ready to raise your security posture and enable multi-factor authentication please call us at # 408-475-3282 (408-475-DATA) or e-mail [email protected]

Get Lastpass

Purchase a Yubikey 5 Nano
(USB Type-A)

Purchase the Yubikey 5C Nano

On A Budget

It is important to remember that two-factor, multi-factor authentication should be enabled for your Password Manager.

If you are on a free plan you may be able to use Microsoft Authenticator to secure your password manager account with multi-factor authentication, be sure to enable this.

If you are on a budget or do not have a hardware security key you can use an app on your phone to secure your account with more than just a password.

For LastPass using Microsoft Authenticator

About Microsoft Authenticator

Also check out our blog posting about “Using Authenticators in 2020.”