Securing Your Personal Data – Strategies for a Mobile World

These days mobile technology is as ubiquitous as fresh eggs.

What can we do to protect ourselves even further in these days of Ransomware and Machine Learning?  The strategies are the same old story for anything Security related, it’s not convenient.  But let’s say we can get over it and deal with some more secure measures to get us more secure in an insecure world.

Secure your Data

Air-gap Strategy

The Air-gap strategy is like what top secret government agencies do, they keep it off the network.  It basially means just keep it off of any network.  This can be inefficient but is very effective.  Legacy data formats might always be around, but you have to consider the security risk of losing it altogether because of a natural disaster or technical failure.

Encrypt Everything Strategy
Encryption is becoming more accessible, but users must get used to maintaining security keys and passwords.  It can be tricky to come up with an encryption strategy, and many novices get locked out of their own data!  So tread carefully, but consider using encryption for both data at rest and in transit.

Anti-Machine Learning Strategy
Don’t you hate it when you look for something on Amazon and then Facebook wants to sell it to you?  That’s machine learning.  When your browser remembers things from your searches, Facebook gathers this data from cookies and Machine Learning algorithms figure out a way to sell you more stuff.  Tip:  Use a dedicated browser for Facebook or Social Media App that track you.  Do this across mobile and desktop devices.

How about Personal Media?  What is your strategy for keeping it safe?

Mac Tip:
If you’re going to keep your photos on your computer and off the Cloud, here is an article from RAW Mac that we liked on “Where are photos stored on Macbooks? Find photos on Mac

PC Tip:
In this PC World article, it asked If we show you how to back up your PC for free, will you finally do it?”

Mobile Tips:
All Users – avoid having too many Apps.  Keep it simple, clean out your phone and keep only the Apps you really need and use.

Android Users – Avoid Apps outside the Google Store, use a reputable Anti-malware App to can your mobile device frequently.

Apple iOS Users – Make sure to keep up with the updates, when in doubt hold off until your device is backed up and you have some feedback on how well the recent update went with others.