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Reference Architecture 2022

A reference architecture is the foundation of your technology scope.

Anything you purchase, use, or apply to your technology experience is part of your architecture.


Note that the stack that you choose for your self or your business should be optimized to avoid vendor sprawl.

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We have been supporting technology since 1988.  Our projects have entailed best in breed technologies.

While our focus has always been to provide a neutral opinion based on your needs, here is what we would recommend.

Reference Architecture 2022

These are the bare minimum to follow the offthegridit “Reference Architecture in 2022”

Refer to this again for updates





  • (Windows) Intel i5, (Mac) 2014 Mac or better


  • Regular backups (weekly) to external storage or cloud
  • At minimum a free antivirus, but you must run scan manually Malwarebytes


  • (Vendor) Asus WiFi router, bare minimum

  • Choose Comcast for Internet


  • (Windows) Intel i7, (Mac) 2015 Mac or better


  • Daily backups, at least 3 separate backup media or storage. 3rd party backup program Arq or Acronis
  • Paid antivirus Malwarebytes


  • (Vendor) Ubiquiti Networks Dream Machine

  • Choose Comcast for Internet


  • (Windows) Intel i9, (Mac) M1 or M2 Processor Mac or better


  • Hourly backups, at least 3 verified backups, one to the cloud or offline storage in addition to regular archiving. Also use a 3rd party backup program Acronis
  • Paid antivirus (monitored by a technician) MEP – Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection


  • (Vendors) Ubiquiti Networks Dream Machine Pro or better, advanced networks can add an extra layer of firewall with PfSense
  • Choose Comcast for Internet

Security Standards

Refer to this for minimum security standards


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