What is Plex and Cord-cutting?

Plex and Cord-cutting has gone mainstream.  People are freeing up extra cash each month by not subscribing to Comcast, AT&T, or Direct TV fees.  Those fees we are discussing might be the entire bill, or even the nickel and dime fees that add up on cable boxes, subscriber cards, additional boxes in each room, etc…

But Plex is not just for saving cash.  What about one place for all your media (Photos, Videos, TV Recordings, Music Videos, etc…) This is better than iCloud or Google Photos.

  • Sync Media to your Mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android)
  • Camera Upload (your own private iCloud or Photo Server -but better), upload automatically or manually from your all your mobile devices to backup your media or take it with you to other devices.



Here is a great video on “Plex 101” by Ron Seidman: