offthegridit Kit

If you made it here you have found or have received the offthegridit Kit.

The offthegridit Kit comes in different levels. Each kit incorporates several cutting edge features for hacking and to help you on your journey offthegridit.


  • Noob (new person, newbie, starter)
  • Starter
  • Pro
  • Expert
  • Hacker
  • Guru
  • Zar (highest level)


There may be media included in your kit. Current kits *come in 32GB and 128GB flash storage media.

offthegridit Kit (Noob and Expert Rated Kits)

Each kit has been carefully tailored for each level. These kits are professionally curated to provide maximum effect. Please kit responsibly.

Please note, your kit may contain:

  • Items not suitable for children, pets, or nursing mothers
  • Please read all labels
  • Extreme caution should be taken using kit around Noobs
  • 3D printed parts may have some artifacts or imperfections, this is maybe expected

If you have received one of our kits, please accept our thanks for considering the offthegridit lifestyle products. It’s not just a name, it’s a lifestyle.

The Noob rated kit is designed and curated for Noobs, but can be used by more advanced humans.

v1 of the offthegridit Kit comes with a generic black webcam cover. Our next version will be a custom offthegridit Webcam Cover in white with the offthegridit logo to label your off the grid status. All owners of the v1 offthegridit Kit are entitled to a free v2 offthegridit Webcam Cover.


Webcam Cover
Ensure privacy with a webcam cover, cover your webcam for extra security.

Directions for Webcam Cover Use:

  1. Remove double tape tabs.
  2. Position base over camera lens, then press firmly.
  3. Once installed, simply slide to close and slide to open

* Not all kits, and sample kits may not include media.