The SolarCam Network in a Box Can Take Your Video Security Off The Grid

In the beginning…

As a systems integrator offthegridit has been developing custom video solutions since 1999. We have been working with IP cameras since Axis developed the first ones in 1996.

Now, flash forward to 2020 and we have an integrated IP camera video security system that is completely solar powered. We call it the SolarCam Network in a Box. Using some of the best NVR software on the market from Ubiquiti Networks (UniFi Protect), we assembled a rugged solution to take your video surveillance and WiFi off the grid without the need for grid power or network cabling.

2020 Technology – Solar Powered Network in a Box

  • Get cameras closer to the action
  • Completely off the grid records even during black outs
  • Can be used virtually anywhere
  • Power multiple cameras with PoE power

Check out the latest off the grid network solution from offthegridit. We have integrated systems from Ubiquiti Networks to provide professional video surveillance solutions that do not require the cloud.

  • 100% Solar Powered
  • Long range WiFi capable
  • PoE powered network ports
  • Durable security enclosure

Ever since we started testing our SolarCams we have been seeing things we have never seen before. The SolarCam solution allows us to get closer to the action than ever before. Without having to worry about running power or data cables we can put surveillance cameras where it counts.