UniFi Dream Machine should be your next home or office WiFi router (2020)

Ubiquiti Networks new UniFi Dream Machine and Dream Machine Pro routers + security gateway are some of our favorite WiFi, router + security gatewaxy products on the market for 2020. They are just starting to roll out WiFi 6 products that you will be able to integrate with these.

Best WiFi for 2020

What makes the Dream Machine so special is the amount of features and manageability you get at this price point. At only $299 for the Dream Machine and $379 for the Dream Machine Pro you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. The Dream Machine is the better choice for smaller installations versus the Pro version, unless you will be wanting to utilize the 10G connections.


Dream Machine

The UniFi Dream Machine (UDM $299) is also offered as an all-in-one enterprise network appliance, but the differences are:

  • (1) built in WiFi 802.11 AC Access Point
  • Includes an 4 Port Managed Gigabit Switch
  • Router + Security Gateway
  • IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention, DPI
  • Advanced UniFi Capabilities

The UniFi Dream Machine Pro (UDM Pro $379) is offered as an all-in-one enterprise network appliance. It combines:


  • Router + Security Gateway
  • 8-port managed Gigabit switch
  • (1) 1Gbps RJ45 Ethernet port
  • (2) 10G SFP+ LAN ports
  • WiFi Access points purchased separately
  • IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention, DPI

We definitely would consider this model (UDM Pro) and do recommend this router for businesses and homes with moderate WAN traffic, needing good WiFi, and possibly 10G for storage network backbone. You must add one or more WiFi access points to this router for a complete solution but you will not be disappointed.

Network Integration

Bothe the UDM and UDM Pro support the “UniFi” Wifi access points from Ubiquiti Networks. This means you get access to a vast selection of industrial grade WiFi networking equipment.

When you are building a network with more advanced capabilities you may want to integrate the following technologies for ease of management:

  • Router
  • Security Gateway
  • WiFi
  • Video Surveillance System
  • LED lighting
  • Access Control (New)

Ubiquiti Networks UniFi line offers a complete line of networking equipment trusted by many businesses and premium homes. For more information contact us to help you put together your next network project.