VPN Explained – Remote Access vs Anonymity Top Tips

For July of 2019 we thought we would share “VPN Explained – Remote Access vs Anonymity Top Tips.”  While VPN basically encrypts your traffic on the Internet for security, it can also attempt to hide your address or identity.

Business VPN vs VPN for Anonymity

It seems all the advertising from VPN services vendors (e.g. NordVPN, Tunnelbear, etc…) is drowning out the true meaning of VPN for some business users. While VPN for privacy has become popular, there is a more modest VPN for business that has been around for quite some time now.

VPN For Remote Access

  • VPN for Remote Access can be considered the safest way and does not require opening ports to your network (other than the VPN port)
  • Opening ports to your network  can create vulnerabilities
  • Use OpenVPN for highest security
  • Business VPN can offer secure remote access to all network resources

VPN for Anonymity

  • Many people confuse VPN services used for Anonymity with VPN for Remote Access
  • VPN Clients like Tunnelbear, NordVPN, etc… are used for anonymity
  • There is reason to believe 3rd party VPN Servers may not offer true anonymity

Technical Details & Comparisons On VPN Protocols

Here is a video that explains some of the technical details of the VPN Protocols in some comparisons.