Data Backup – Acronis Cyber Protect

Simple backups

Any person or business can be at risk of losing important data. Lost data leads to costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction, regulatory fines, and lost revenue. Acronis Cyber Protect delivers data protection that meets today’s demands. It keeps your business running, protecting any workload, scaling without limits, and saving you money. You can also bring your own cloud storage to Acronis

File and disk-image backup

Backup individual files or safeguard your entire business by backing up the entire system as a single file, ensuring a bare metal restore capability. In the event of data disaster, you can easily restore all information to new hardware.


When you need backups of your data you need good 3rd party software you will not get this for free.

Recommended by offthegridit

We recommend Acronis because we have been using it for many years and trust it for advanced backup of workstations, servers, virtual machines, Microsoft Office 365, and Teams accounts.

  • It is reliable and works
  • Excellent reporting

Integration with RMM

The offthegridit RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) system allows us to keep an eye on your backups 24/7 and we can even install this product more efficiently when you are ready.

Self Management or offthegridit Managed

Your data is encrypted either locally or in the cloud.  We can set it up where either we help you manage it, or you manage it all on your own.  

Either way your data is secure and private.

We keep an eye on it

Our job is to keep an eye on kit and make sure the jobs run and to monitor storage.


Acronis Cyber Protect

$0.14 cents per GB, per month for Cloud Backup

$0.7 cents per GB, per month for Local Backup.  

If you are using both on a device, the total charge will be $0.21 cents per GB, per month charged on separate invoices per month.

Additionally, you can purchase the following Acronis Advanced Protection add-on features:

Advanced Backup – Workstation $1.00 per device/month

Compare our solution

You can compare our solution to the competition and find greater value in our managedd backup solution.

Compare with

  • Amazon S3
  • Backblaze
  • Carbonite
  • Rackspace

The features and convenience of offthegridit managed backups using Acronis is your best value.

We can offer the most advanced backup solution feature for feature.

Less expensive?

Keep in mind this is not cold storage.  We can download or recover backup data quicker with Acronis than with cold storage like Amazon S3 or Glacier.

But if you want cold storage we got you covered (no pun intended.) 🤓

Archiving with Cold Storage
Sometimes it makes financial sense to use cold storage (Amazon AWS S3 or Glacier) for long term archives

Offline Backups / No Cloud / Best price

We can also offer you offline backup solutions that do not have recurring fees using your own storage including USB drives, NAS, or a mixture of local and cloud backup based on your budget.  Please inquire about offline backups should this meet your budget needs.