How to file a Complaint against Comcast with the FCC

Have you ever tried to cancel your service with Comcast?  Did you know you have to give them a 60 day notice (according to the Terms & Conditions you sign when you signed up for service.) Has AT&T or Comcast been over billing you? Would you like to do something and File an Unwanted Call Complaint for pesky marketing calls and autodialers?  You are not alone.

Why Comcast sucks!

Over the years we have helped many people out of messes with AT&T and Comcast.  We have even convinced AT&T and Comcast to give our customers refunds on occasion.  We work to keep these Telecommunications Carriers accountable by documenting their mishaps.

Switch Internet Providers

Switch Internet Providers?

Proving Comcast and AT&T wrong can be a challenge especially when you are not prepared technically.  It seems we may be dealing with a monopoly that Comcast has built.  That’s where we come in.  We can escalate issues with Comcast and AT&T and follow through.  We can do this for a small business or a large corporation as we have years of experience.


If the ongoing  issues with your Internet Provider is something that irritates you and you want to do something about, then first visit here:


Para presentar una queja en español, llamar al: 888-CALL-FCC (888-225-5322)

Share your experience with the FCC

Share your experience with the FCC – The FCC wants to hear about your concern regarding a provider or policy.


Our Recent Experience with Comcast

We are going to give the FCC Consumer “Share your experience” a try.  We help clients when Comcast and AT&T gives them the run around.

Recently we worked to move a client from a Comcast PRI line to VOIP from a 3rd party.  Well, we have been having to call Comcast since April 5, 2018 and it is now July 11, 2018 to try and cancel service.  Every time we call Comcast they say they don’t know when but it will happen eventually (that’s usually after having to wait 45min to an hour on hold.)

My client always pays his bills on time, and he has been having to deal with Comcast sending him letters of threats of sending him to collections on an account he has not used in 3 months.  For 3 months he has done his due diligence to cancel his account and Comcast keeps ignoring him, only making it worse by threatening a person with A+ credit.  You can imagine the frustration my client feels.  Yet, I am the one that makes the phone calls to Comcast every few weeks.

Another Recent Experience with Comcast – July 11, 2018 (Campbell, CA)

A Comcast technician arrived today in the last 3 minutes of the two hour appointment.  The technician replaced our Cable Modem from a Cisco to a Technicolor because he said the FCC is getting on Comcast’s ass about Wifi bleed over…  They had recently sent my client an email saying that our Cable modem was experiencing problems.

Before the technician left I had the test the speed (on  Our speed went down from 150Mbps, to 59Mbps!!!  I let the technician know and he started blurbing something about the modem having the wrong boot file.  Initially the lady helping the technician at Comcast sys “our system is down at the moment…”  The technician talked on the phone with the technician at Comcast and they worked on it loudly (on speaker phone) while the on-site tech tried to use my laptop to test the speed.  I asked him where his laptop was and he said in the truck, so I suggested he use his own equipment.  While the technician was working in our server room closet he accidentally disconnected our neighbors Internet, by stepping on a Power Strip, (we enter this server room everyday, and we have never had an accident like this.)


I take notes, I take names, I take phone numbers.  Comcast, it’s time for Consumers and the FCC to take note and do something about you.  Comcast, the way you treat customers is pathetic…, it’s time for Comcast to step up their game.