Computer Bugs & Exploits

Antivirus and AntiMalware

We offer premium paid for antivirus and antimalware.  We only offer and recommend the products and services we believe and rely on.


Our solutions scale to combat growing threats complete endpoint security solution driven by a single pane of glass. 

A full suite of endpoint security functionality and automation capabilities driven from the Malwarebytes Nebula cloud platform and accessed from an intuitive UI make fighting malware a matter of clicks, not scripts.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

We are offering MEP (Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection) this product is normally offered direct from Malwarebytes in quantities of 10 or more, with us you can buy as few as 1 license.

Our technicians monitor the dashboard around the clock 24/7 to help notify you and educate you about suspicious or critical events.

Simple and easy interface

No fluff

  • Minimal scanning footprint
  • Centralized monitoring

This is what a scan looks like:

Apple Mac Scan

Microsoft Windows Scan

This is what we see when a scan finds Malware: