Helping combat COVID-19 3D Printed Face Shields for Medics and Professionals

We have started to 3D print and produce face shields based on the open source design by Prusa for first responders. We did not do much modification on these Face Shields as we think they are beautiful for our first responders, medics, and professionals just the way they are. We just added some customization for the intended users and a logo. As we produce more we may reevaluate what improvements we can make.

If you know someone that needs a face shield we are happy to help in this fight against COVID-19. Our office is in Santa Clara, CA USA.

At Marymount University professor Eric Bubar prints these and sends them to hospitals in New York.

Photo Credit: offthegridit3d Store offthegridit Face Shield v1

Link to order one from offthegridit3d

For more information on the Prusa Shields:

3D Printed Protective Face Shields

How to Sterlize:

Information from Prusa on:
3D Printed Face Shields for Medics and Professionals

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These offthegridit Face Shields consist of:

  1. 3D Printed headband (upper part)
  2. Clear polycarbonate sheet (visor)
  3. 3D Printed chin piece, goes on visor
  4. Elastic band with holes

Special thanks to:

Tap Plastics – San Jose

Thanks for making it happen! Tap Plastics helped us with polycarbonate sheets for the visors.

If you would like to donate money to this project for supplies we have a link and a QR code below. We use it for filament, elastic, and polycarbonate sheets.

You are able to donate with Debit, Credit Card, or donate with PayPal