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WPEngine is the best host for WordPress sites in 2019

We have tried just about all the reputable web hosts out there. If you are running a WordPress website in 2019 and beyond you should consider WPEngine. Sign up for  WP Engine Time and time again we have transferred sophisticated WordPress sites to WPEngine for our clients in less than one […]

WPEngine for Wordpress Websites at offthegridit

Ubiquity Networks Wireless Access Points

Ubiquity Networks Wifi Starter Kit

The demand for high performance Wifi has never been greater.  Ubiquity Networks has made a name for themselves with great wifi gear that meets the needs of small and large installations. UniFi HD First start with the AP (Access Point) UniFi® HD Access Point Build your Wi-Fi network with the […]

Why Your Ubiquity Networks Wifi Might Need The Cloud Key

First, make sure you get the Cloud Controller installed on a Virtual Machine or purchase a Cloud Controller from Ubiquity Networks, like this one: Did You Lose Software Your Controller? Ubiquity Networks Wifi equipment creates Mesh networks that can be managed from the Cloud or on a local controller.  Many […]

UniFi Cloud Key