Eagle Eye Compact Bridge (304+)


Eagle Eye Compact Bridge (304+)

The Eagle Eye Bridge acts as a gateway from your premises to the Eagle Eye Cloud Data Center where your video is stored and managed by the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. It provides a secure connection, video buffering, bandwidth management, and monitoring of cameras.

These small form factor bridges are suitable for applications up to 50 cameras at 4 MP when a server rack is not available. They can be wall or shelf mounted.

This family of bridges are equipped with ruggedized, all aluminum enclosures designed to operate in a broad ambient temperature range. These bridges include a display screen providing operational status at a glance.

The 406+ and 504+ also support AI processing for advanced Eagle Eye License Plate Recognition (LPR).





Eagle Eye Compact Bridge (304+)

What is the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS?
The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS is a fully managed cloud video surveillance solution, delivering an end-to-end video
management system that’s simple to deploy and easy to use. It supports all modern browsers and works on Windows, Mac, even Linux with no plugins to install. With our fully mobile capabilities, you can view video anytime, anywhere. The fully functional iOS and Android applications provide complete access to live and recorded video and can also be used to install, configure and manage the system.

Eagle Eye Networks provides a cloud based, video management system. The Eagle Eye Bridge is installed on site, connects to your cameras, records video locally, and then securely synchronizes both video and metadata to the Eagle Eye Cloud Data center. It’s a robust, secure appliance specifically designed to overcome the demands of transmitting high-resolution video through the internet.

Comprehensive camera support
At Eagle Eye Networks we believe camera compatibility is important. There’s no need to be locked into a single camera vendor. Businesses need the flexibility to work with the cameras that they choose. Eagle Eye Bridges and CMVRs support ONVIF Profile S IP cameras. Eagle Eye Combo Bridges and CMVRs support IP as well as NTSC and PAL analog cameras. For an up to date list of all compatible cameras visit www.een.com/cameras.

Security simplified
With Eagle Eye Complete Privacy EncryptionTM, video is fully encrypted during transmission and at rest. The Eagle Eye Bridge has no open ports to the Internet, eliminating security vulnerabilities commonly found in other systems and requiring no router or firewall adjustments.