The Worst Apple iOS so far is iOS 12

Let’s face it people.  iOS 12 is the worst iOS ever!  There I said it.

I had to get this off my chest for various reasons, for one out of self interest, and also to share with others.  Of course we can gather together and vent our technical quarrels with Apple, Inc. as well.  Cupertino, are you listening?

Where should we start?

  • Is it the huge list of Apple Messages (Texting) bugs?  Really Apple?  Really…?
  • Is it the iPhone’s propensity to make horrible sounding phone calls.  Apple I just simply want to make a phone call on my iPhone, that’s it.

So I would have called it with iOS 11 (as the worst iOS ever) with all the crap that happened in iOS 11, but this iOS 12 just takes things to a whole different level of crappiness.

Is iOS 11 The Worst ever?

Was iOS 11 the worst ever? Or, is iOS 12 the worst iOS version ever?

Many people called iOS 11 the Worst.  But personally, I finally had my last straw with Apple iOS 12.  Apple give us a break…Apple must have a way to improve quality control of arguably one of its most important products ever.

I have been an advocate for using an iPhone instead of Android for many years, but this is embarrassing.  The true Apple Fan boys and Girls are in complete denial, they will just tell you it is your phone that is having issues…, or better yet, “you need to be using all of the iCloud..”  What a joke.  I just want my flip phone back now.

I wish we could just skip this one and Apple could roll back some of the features, but we will just have to wait and pray for a better iOs with iOS 13!   Maybe, the iOS that might work this time…

Do you have some iOS bugs to share?

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