A Brief History On How I Got Into Robotics   Recently updated !

Robotics technology is mainstream now, it seems to be evolving much more rapidly than when I first started learning about them in more technical detail. My interest in robotics is just like any other person with a fascination for Tech.  But, my background is not the same as many Roboticists.  […]

Michael Bolanos makes Robots

Solar Energy Facts

Off The Grid Solar Accessories (for Small Scale Projects)   Recently updated !

We are putting together a publicly viewable selection of items we choose and recommend for off the grid and emergency preparedness applications.  This is our first list.  Keep checking for updates as we refine our list for the most essential items. How about a portable Power Bank like this Goal […]

Dive into the Pi – Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi   Recently updated !

Ok, so you’ve been waiting long enough to get your hands on a Raspberry Pi and you want to get started. Let’s get started building our Raspberry Pi with a few short steps.  If you are a Raspberry Pi NOOB, start here. If you are not familiar with the Raspberry Pi, […]

Raspberry Pi case by Michael Bolanos

Raspberry Pi Model B

What about some Raspberry Pi?   Recently updated !

The Raspberry Pi has become a cultural phenomenon.  It was designed in the U.K. as a piece of hardware to teach kids how to program software code. The Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest model of this nifty board.  These days you can find it at Fry’s and other retailers, […]