Will your mobile future be Wired or Wireless?

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I don’t know about you but I have at least 3 chargers for my cell phone in my office and my bedroom (just in case.)  It seems wires are not going anywhere.

Cordless chargin, we’re not there yet.  Extension cords, everyone wishes they had more or better ones.  Some of the computer accessory companies like Belkin have listened and came up with some useful things for our mobile devices.  Even Starbucks offers cordless charging for iPhone or Android devices using a small adapter they leave on their tables.IMG_1273


Cordless charging is convenient.  But to get better use form your battery consider these things:

1.  Turn off wireless when not in use on your phone

2.  Turn off bluetooth

3.  Use low power mode or dim the screen to squeeze even more juice out of your battery.
Consider that Apple is considering removing the headphone jack on the next iPhone.  The Samsung Galaxy line of phones has already been using cordless charging, a move Apple seems poised to make next.

We do not think wires are going away anytime soon, but we certainly are on the way to getting rid of a lot more.  I am for progress, but I am sure there will come a day when I miss having a headphone port on my iPhone to plug in my old headphones…

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What is the big deal about Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

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The big deal is that they have data centers that are considered by some to be some of the most reliable in the world.  Amazon rents space out in their data centers to everyone from Netflix, and Dropbox, to Mom and Pop shops that used to have an on-premise server.

Data to the Cloud

Amazon Web Services helps SMBs  Data to the Cloud

The Cloud is not for everyone, but many of the tools we use to store data in the Cloud will also apply to a modern Datacenter.

The low cost of entry may be one of the biggest deals to some. With little to no up front capital investment you too can have a cloud.

Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure are changing the landscape in IT solutions.  We believe we can save you time and money by helping you decide between the wide array of offerings and finding solutions that suit you best.


Call us at # 408-475-3282 for a consultation.

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Top 3 Myths SMBs have about Cloud Security

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The top 3 Myths SMBs have about Cloud are:

Cloud Myths

Cloud Myths

3.  I only have one cloud
If you have Dropbox, and iCloud, and Google… think again.

2.  The Cloud is automatic
The year is 2014, the Cloud is not automatic.  Maybe some day in the future the cloud will be on full auto, but for now don’t forget to check your settings.

1.  The Cloud is not secure
On this one it depends on your approach to security.

Remember a common Computer Security principle  is “Your security is only as strong as it’s weakest link.”  If you take a centralized approach to your network you can work to minimize the attack surface.

Moving to the Cloud can be just as safe as hosting from your home base if you already use VPN or work remotely.  Our clients tell us that there is still that thought of having your data in someone else’s hands and that can be difficult to cope with for some.  This is understandable and it means for some the Cloud loses its appeal altogether.

Inevitably, we find ourselves using some sort of Cloud service these days and not always by choice.  The best thing we can think of to leave on a positive note is to start thinking about encryption.  Encryption is getting easier, and is being integrated more into our lives (e.g. mandates to start using https://  (SSL) on websites only.)

So it seems one can surmise that these 3 myths may have been debunked.

Call us for a consultation at # 408-475-3282

or e-mail:  support@offthegridit.com

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